1. He Knows

From the recording Swimming in Uncertainty

Produced by Julz Parker and Raphael White
Except tracks 1,2,7,10-12 produced by Julz Parker
Tracks 3-6 & 8 mixed by Raphael White
Tracks 1, 2, 7 & 9 mixed by Julz Parker and Raphael White
Written by Hussy Hicks and Raphael White
Recorded at Le Piege, Murs FR; Lovestreet Studio, Currumbin AU; Derek, Lismore AU
Hammond Recorded by Lachy Doley
Mastered by Don Bartley
Leesa Gentz - vocals, percussion, guitar
Julz Parker - vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, harmonica
Raphael White - bass, mandolin, drums
Ali Foster - drums
Lachy Doley - hammond organ
Minnie Marks - slide guitar, vocals
Chris E Thomas - vocals
Kelly Brouhaha - vocals

Track 10 - mixed by Julz Parker
Track 11 - mixed by Jordan Power and Julz Parker
Track 12 - mixed and by Scott French and Julz Parker
10-12 produced by Julz Parker, recorded at Lovestreet Studio
written by Gentz/Parker/Stephens/Foster
Tracy Stephens - Bass, Ali Foster - drums, vocals
Cover photo by Josephine Burdett, art design by Leesa Gentz


He Knows

He knows that they're callin’ the shots he knows
He knows that they don't know nothing he knows
All the world is bright and he is sure that he knows

Everybody knows that he knows he knows
He can find his own resources he knows
The time it takes to fly inside a fuzzy rainbow

Everybody’s talkin’, everybody’s walkin’ he knows
Noise so frustrating suffocating he knows
He knows that it’s not improving all consuming

He knows all the rules he's breaking he knows
No controlling no escaping he knows
Add up all the tiny pieces
Try to run but
Losing chances
And he knows everything
But everything cannot be known
So we toil in justifying
And I don't believe he knows
And I don't believe you know
And I know that I don't know